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Aksharaa School inculcates value based education through collaboration with parents and other stakeholders to instill in each student a zeal to learn, to take risks, and accept challenges to adapt in the ever changing world.


Nurturing children to become globally competent and responsible citizens.

Aksharaa School embraces a student-centered constructivist philosophy of education. In pursuit of this, we make most salient academic efforts to engage every student as a winner in autonomous educational endeavors and come out with a feeling of being rewarded for the most valuable real-life skills. At Aksharaa this philosophy is substantiated in the educational process built in pertinence with transformative principles of education e.g. awareness, autonomy and authenticity that suggest importance of learning in self-engaged action where of every learner is recognized being unique of intelligence reinforced by self-motivated initiatives resulting from individual differences. Our teaching methodologies rightly address multiple intelligence of the whole group. We believe that holistic growth of a child is possible only through a Balanced Education System. A balanced education system confirms age appropriate cognitive development along with adequate physical, emotional growth and social adaptation. For this, Aksharaa School builds education within the Learning-Reinforcement-Practice-Application (LRPA) module. This module as suggestive of Touch-Explore-Learn-Enjoy process helps students broaden their cognitive horizon with fun, curiosity and excitement. We encourage children to pursue their intellectual curiosity to think for themselves and then expand this to the community, national, regional also linking global in turn. With mindful operation, we anticipate LRPA for instilling new literacy skills deemed essential to producing each learner as a global citizen. This framework, holding with dynamic curriculum, enforces critical thinking, collaboration, cooperation, creativity and problemsolving skills in learner communities. In pursuit of our vision to producing locally and globally valued citizen, academically enriching environment and expert teachers also coordinated by an external support system, Aksharaa School secures learning ambiances for each child where s/he can practice learning, unlearning and relearning tasks in an autonomously engaged manner with increased selfcontentment.

Aksharaa School is committed to create a just society where humanity rules over race, ethnicity, sex and religion. We treat all children from different socio-cultural backgrounds with respect and dignity and offer each child an opportunity to recognize and value such differences in regular practices of learning in team or task-based collaborations. Our school activities and atmosphere help our incumbent students to learn self-respect and in turn pay respect to others. We strive to promote and preserve our own unique traditions and cultures yet emphasize the use of modern technologies and advancements imported as well as local. Integrating the educational process within the LRPA module guided by the Philosophy of ;+:sf/ o'Qm lzIff, we at Aksharaa look for developing a feeling of patriotism in all our children. The School purposely observes and organizes all major festivals celebrated across the country in their original form. At these occasions, our scheme of celebration is to make students familiar with Nepalese socio-cultural aspects and lifestyles. We also have day and night-stay outings and educational trips across the nation and these are to promote a feeling of love and respect to the country and its diversity in our children. In addition, Aksharaa School offers an opportunity of over-sea visits for our children to get enough exposure of foreign traditions, their socio-cultural aspects which would be essential to developing them as competent global citizens