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Participating Countries In AKSHARAA AMUN 2076

Committee UN WOMEN

Teacher Leader: Savita Gautam Pokhrel


1. Saisa Karki  
2. Spriha Niraula  
3. Lucky Khadka  
4. Prakriti Karki   
5. Rasik Dahal  
6. Abik Khadki  
7. Aryan Mishra  
8. Amar Kuswaha  
9. Kelvin Sangraula  
10. Raunak Jha  
11. Iva Malla  
12. Shreya Khadka  
13. Animesh Shrestha  
14. Abhinav Timilsina  
15. Saharsa Siwakoti  
16. Roshan Kumar  
17. Subhanjan Risal  
18. Sweta Koirala  
19. Nupur Phuyal  
20. Saethak Bhattarai  
21. Aditi Kadariya  
22. Krish Neupane  
23. Saurav Hang Subba  
24. Sebika KC  

Editorial Department

1. Sarita Dahal  
2. Prithvi Raj Chauhan  
3. Bigyan Adhikari  
4. Avipsha Ban  
5. Suhana Acharya  
6. Anish Upreti  
7. Dakshya Baral  
8. Krish Khanal  
9. Prapti Panta  
10. Sanjana Mishra  
11. Aaleyah Shah  
12. Shrahana Manandhar  
13. Angel Budhathoki  

Committee: UNEP

Teacher Leader: Mr. Rabin Guragain

1. Alex Adhikari Sweden
2. Bikash Shah Germany
3. Samriddhi Timalsina USA
4. Samriddhi Subedi Argentina
5. Bivasa Acharya Scotland
6. Saimana Bista Nepal
7. Ashit Phuyal Italy
8. Avipsa Shivakoti Japan
9. Rajjupriya Singh Yemen
10. Stuti Adhikari India
11. Srehan Sharma Qatar
12. Sugam Katwal Finland
13. Shrawan Bisunke Bangladesh
14. Upakar Shrestha China
15. Purnika Wasti Russia
16. Prajjwolika Thapa Spain
17. Krishpa Pokharel Australia
18. Kumuda Gartaula England
19. Suvam Acharya South Korea
20. Rimsa Khatiwada Uruguay
21. Kritagya Shrestha Canada
22. Bablu Suwal Kenya
23. Amoon Basnet Bhutan

Committee: World Food Program

Teacher Leader: Miss Salina Lama

S.N. Name Country
1. Alex Khadka Colombia
2. Meleesha Tamrakar Yemen
3. Minisha Phuyal Bangladesh
4. Prerana Katuwal Argentina
5. Sambhav Thapa Colombia
6. Swapnil Karki Nepal
7. Abhyudaya Sharma  Iran
8. Jenny Bista Somalia
9. Karina Raut Kazakhstan
10. Renuka Thapa Germany
11. Shraya Shakya India
12. Spandan Regmi Qatar
13. Aaditya Subedi Haiti
14. Angel Adhikari USA
15. Krijita Dangol China
16. Minendra Bhandari Russia
17. Piyush Shrestha Sudan
18. Raul Twayana Ethiopia
19. Rose Mishra South Korea
20. Slok Bhandari England
21. Sumanta Gautam Poland
22. Sushana Acharya Venezuela
23. Brikshya Gautam Pakistan

United Nations Women (UNW) and its Motions

United Nations Women (UNW) and its Motions

UNW stands for United Nation Women. The MUN held in Aksharaa 2019 successfully begun. Many delegates spoke on behalf of their country stating that they have been bringing many strategies in order to promote women empowerment. The delegate’s countries like Brazil, Bangladesh, Albania, Norway, Japan, India, Indonesia, Nepal, Kazakhstan, Kenya, UK, USA and South Korea openly came up with various ideas and concepts. The topics like elimination of violence against women, importance of literacy and education, possible solutions against exploitation of women were raised. All the delegates were found more concerned about the women issues which are happening all over the world. Women condition around the world is very miserable. To address these issues, the committee raised the following motions:

  • Discrimination faced by Women
  • Involvement of women in economic activities
  • Discrimination among genders
  • Solution for sexual and domestic violence


•Importance of renewable energy in developing countries.

•Renewable resources which can be used instead of non- renewable resources.

•Benefits of renewable energy in environment.


3rd Aksharaa Model United Nations Inaguration

3rd Aksharaa Model United Nations Inaguration

Third Aksharaa Model United Nation (AMUN) has successfully inaugurated by respected chief guest Ms. Amuda Mishra from Ujjyalo Foundation on 27th  August, 2019. The program was started with national anthem and ended by handing over the gavel to dais. The speech delivered by the chief guest, Ms. Amuna Mishra, was quite motivating and inspiring. She said that her family background motivated her to work for gender equality. She also mentioned that until and unless if the work is not done similarly we can’t create equal society. Gender justice community is very important and to achieve this, we must empower ourselves and motivate others. To bring change, it must be started from ourselves. There are three committees in the AMUN 2076. They are United Nation women, World Food Program and United Nation Environment Preservation. The program will end on 29th of August 2019.

Do You Know?

Do You Know?

  • The World Food Program (WFP) is the leading humanitarian organization which is saving and   changing lives of millions people of the world.
  • WFP assists around 86.7 million people of the world.
  • As the international community has committed to end hunger, achieve food security and improved nutrition by 2030, one in nine people worldwide still do not  have enough to eat. 
  • Food and food-related assistance lie at the heart of the struggle to break the cycle of hunger and poverty.
  • WFP has 5,000 trucks, 20 ships and 92 planes on the move, delivering food and other assistance to those in most need. 

World Food Program (WFP) and its motions

World Food program (WFP) is one of the main committee of Aksharaa MUN 2019. Altogether there were twenty four delegates from all over the world gave their valuable speech in different topics. The delegates discussed about the causes of food insecurity. Proverty, climate change, civil war, high price of food and unsustainable agricultural practices are the some of the causes of food insecurity. WFP was established in 1961 A.D and  helped more than 100 million people of the world who are affected by the natural disaster and calamities. 

  • Common definition of the food security and status of food insecurity in the country.
  • Finding cause of food insecurity.
  • Aids providing by different country to eradicate food insecurities
  • Having common definition of physical need.
  • Food scarcity cause by climate change.


Preserve, Empower, Protect - Editorial

Preserve, Empower, Protect - Editorial

Preserve, Empower and Protect is the theme with which Aksharaa MUN was conducted this year. If all the nations of the world abide by this statement in their national goal, nobody will die without food, no women will be exploited in the world, and people will be getting fresh environment and live hundred years happily. In this present world, many children have suffered from malnutrition, gender dispartiy still exists, and due to climate change many animals, human beings have lost their homes, relatives and many more, but we the people of modern cities are not been able to address this issues scientifically and waste food without single hesitation, do not raise our voice for gender equality and face the natural calamities as if there is not any measure to be taken against it  Now, let’s extend our hands for preserving food, empowering women and protecting the environment. This is the need of 21st century and should be addressed on time. Realizing the urgency of such critical issues, Aksharaa Model United Nations (AMUN) is been held in Aksharaa School since 27th August 2019 where delegates from all over the world are once again gathered to advocate the problems and find out the possible solutions.