Aksharaa announces its admission annually, based on the seats and requirement. Also, the applicants have some procedure to fulfill with their parents.

Admission Process

The Admission Process is as follows:

  • The parents of prospective students are given a tour of the School.
  • Parents file an application for admission in person or via the school website.
  • After the evaluation of application, parents are notified of entrance tests and interview dates.
  • While the Admission Team interviews parents, students appear in the written and oral test.
  • Acceptance of a child is based on a child's academic aptitude, socio emotional development and on parents' willingness to be working partner with the school in the educational process.
  • Within 3 days of the written test and interview, the school will inform the parents through phone for confirmation.
  • Within 7 days from the date of confirmation, parents are required to register the child.

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