About Us

We follow a unique module called LRPA. With the motto 'learning through fun', we make learning of core theories and values in the class fun filled and exciting. We believe in experiental learning. Through exploration, students are allowed to experience firsthand learning experiences.

Why Aksharaa?

We follow a unique model called LRPA. With the motto 'learning through fun', we make learning of core theories and values in the class fun filled and exciting. We believe in experiental learning. Through exploration, students are allowed to experience firsthand learning experiences. The classroom activities are not confined to the books. Through active participation children learn to think critically over any situation, analyze rationally and draw logical conclusion. All classroom activities are supported by mordern classroom technology and adequate resources.

Student are allowed to use a wide range of electronic gadgets like computers, laptop, interactive boards, and projectors to reinforce their subjective knowledge.Students carry out several project works in each subject, use various audio visual and print media, and use ample interaction with concerned seniors to strengthen the learnt theory. Ample educational field trips, tours, talk shows are thus included as essentials in our curriculum. Through experiments, problem solving, model preparation, audio visual presentation, drama, role play, tutorial classes, group works, confrences, they put the learnt concepts into practice and finally apply them or seek their application in real life situation.

Aksharaa School follows continuous assessment system. Within this unique and contemporary methodology of evaluting students, the following are done.


Active observation and recording

Through the intra and outside classroom activities, students' knowledge level, learning skills, extent of participation, research work, interest, psychomotor skills, etc are observed and recorded using specific criteria. Such bservation helps to monitor the overall growth of a child.


Continuous Assessment

Appropriate assessment of each task is done to monitor a child skill on manipulation of words, materials, ideas, concepts. Such assessments help to notice whether the child has acquired language, mathematical and social skills or not. This is done on a day-to-day basis.



Age appropriate specific assignments are assigned in each chapter. Written assignments are used as records on the development of specific skills related to instructional objectives or the attitude expresses or demonstrated by a student towards learning.



At the end of each term, a short time bound written test is given in each subject. This will help the student to know their writing speed and be familiar with our traditional exam system.

Aksharaa has adopted a forward thinking approach to learning. Imparting quality educationa is impossible without adapting modern scientific technology. We have smart classrooms for smart children. As such our classroom are ICT enhanced. All our classroom have smart tv and we do run virtual classes where students interact and learn from the students of other parts of the world. This enhances confidence in the students preparing them to be global citizens. We also use modern scientific gadgets like projector, smart tv, overhead projectors, etc while conducting our regular classes. The school hosts spacious and well equipped Computer lab with internet access, Audio Visual room, Library and a Science lab to facilitate experimental and active learning.

Our Philosophy

Our Philosophy

At Aksharaa School we see every student as a winner. We understand their individual differences and respect their individual uniqueness. Our teaching methodologies rightly address multiple intelligence of the whole group.

We believe that holistic growth of a child is possible only through Balanced Education System. A balanced education system confirms age appropriate cognitive development along with adequate physical, emotional growth and social adaptation. For this we follow Learning-Reinforcement-Practice-Application (LRPA) module.

Our Touch-Explore-Learn-Enjoy process helps students broaden their cognitive horizon with fun, curiosity and excitement. We encourage children to pursue their intellectual curiosity to think for themselves and then expand this to the community, national, regional and finally to the global level. This was we are committed to produce responsible future global citizens. Our curriculum enforces critical thinking. Our congenial environment and expert teachers reinforce this by providing secure ambience to the child where he/she can fearlessly practice learning, unlearning and relearning process.

At Aksharaa every child is a winner. We duly respect individual uniqueness and differences. We are committed to create a just society where humanity rules over culture, race, ethnicity, sex and religion. We treat all children from different socio-cultural background with respect and dignity and let them value such differences through regular practice. Our entire school activities and atmosphere help a child to learn self respect and respect for others.

We Strive to promote and preserve our own unique tradition and cultures yet emphasize the use of western technologies and advancement. We deem to develop kids who love their motherland and feel pride to be called Nepali. As such we celebrate major festivals celebrated across the country in their original form. At times we conduct special programs to make students familiar with Nepalese social aspects and life styles. Besides this we give them enough exposure of foreign tradition, socio cultural aspects to develop them as competent global citizens.

Our Curriculum

Aksharaa School offers a global standard of education integrated with Nepali cultural values and society. The curriculum is based on the ideas, theories and practices prevalent internationally. With the direction of our national curriculum, we provide internationally accredited progressive education to our students.


Creating global citizen is a task that needs detailing at each stage. Our curriculum encourages students to take active part in the learning process through a unique LRPA model that makes learning enjoyable and stress free. These four prolonged approach denotes how each concept gets ingrained into the students.


English is the primary medium of instruction. However, we give equal importance to our mother tounge Nepali. We believe that if a child has a good hold of his mother tounge, he/she will have good hold of other languages too. We let students learn actively, speak fluently and write correctly in both the languages. We have also introduced French and Chinese (optional) as the third language in our school.

Our Infrastructure

Modern research has proved that good quality infrastructure in a school environment can greatly influence the overall well being and academic output of a child. Aksharaa offers a perfect mix of good infrastructure, quality ambience and modern amenities which act as great catalyst in the child's learning process. Children learn and flourish when they have a caring and nurturing school environment as we have classrooms setups in a way that inspires students to learn. Our school building is strategically located in a quiet and airy location amidst beautiful landscape and plush greenery. The school has install superlative degree of furniture, play station and other required equipments. Aksharaa has child friendly prefabricated building that is considered to be earthquake resistance, keeping safety and security as a major concern.

Computer Laboratory

Computer Laboratory

Aksharaa School is equipped to meet the educational needs of children in today’s technically driven to Digital Literacy world. The school’s computer laboratory has 30 computer systems with high speed internet connectivity. As our pedagogy demands more of research our students and teachers are given unlimited access to the laboratory and are always encouraged in using their free time in the study related research. However, the students are guided with a strict code of conduct related to the use of internet.



Aksharaa holds a well equipped cafeteria which provides hot vegetarian well cooked, fresh and hygienic food to all our students and staff. Meals are prepared keeping hygienic conditions in high priority in our modern kitchen by trained staffs under the direction of a professional chef. Aksharaa provides 2 times meal facilities (Lunch and snacks) to its students.



Libraries are the treasure house from where students acquire skills to collect, critically analyze and organize information thereby facilitating the planning and implementation of their learning programs. Good Quality books sustain in students the habit of reading for pleasure which in turn enriches the students’ intellectual, aesthetic, cultural and emotional growth. Libraries provide teachers with access to relevant curriculum information and professional development materials within and outside the school.



The school is located 3.5 km from the ring road in Koteshwor, Kathmandu. Aksharaa has school buses and wingers for transporting students to and from school and other activities. Aksharaa is also accessible from all parts of the Kathmandu Valley by public transportation.