Aksharaa School inculcates value based education through collaboration with parents and other stakeholders to instill in each student a zeal to learn, to take risks, and accept challenges to adapt in the ever changing world.


Nurturing children to become globally competent and responsible citizens.

Aksharaa School embraces a student-centered constructivist philosophy of education. In pursuit of this, we make most salient academic efforts to engage every student as a winner in autonomous educational endeavors and come out with a feeling of being rewarded for the most valuable real-life skills. At Aksharaa this philosophy is substantiated in the educational process built in pertinence with transformative principles of education e.g. awareness, autonomy and authenticity that suggest importance of learning in self-engaged action where of every learner is recognized being unique of intelligence reinforced by self-motivated initiatives resulting from individual differences. Our teaching methodologies rightly address multiple intelligence of the whole group. We believe that holistic growth of a child is possible only through a Balanced Education System. A balanced education system confirms age appropriate cognitive development along with adequate physical, emotional growth and social adaptation. For this, Aksharaa School builds education within the Learning-Reinforcement-Practice-Application (LRPA) module. This module as suggestive of Touch-Explore-Learn-Enjoy process helps students broaden their cognitive horizon with fun, curiosity and excitement. We encourage children to pursue their intellectual curiosity to think for themselves and then expand this to the community, national, regional also linking global in turn. With mindful operation, we anticipate LRPA for instilling new literacy skills deemed essential to producing each learner as a global citizen. This framework, holding with dynamic curriculum, enforces critical thinking, collaboration, cooperation, creativity and problemsolving skills in learner communities....

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Learn Through LRPA

We follow a unique model called LRPA. With the motto 'learning through fun', we make learning of core theories and values in the class fun filled and exciting. We believe in experiential learning. Through exploration, students are allowed to experience firsthand learning experiences. The classroom activities are not confined to the books. Through active participation, children learn to think critically over any situation, analyze rationally and draw logical conclusion. All classroom activities are supported by modern classroom technology and adequate resources. Students are allowed to use a wide range of electronic gadgets like computers, laptops, television and projectors to reinforce their subjective knowledge. Students carry out several project works in each subject, use various audio visual and print media, and use ample interaction with concerned seniors to strengthen the learnt theory. Ample educational field trips, national and international tours, talk shows are thus included as essentials in our curriculum. Through experiments, problem solving, model preparation, audio visual presentation, drama, role play, tutorial classes, virtual learning group works, conferences, they put the learnt concepts into practice and finally apply them or seek their application in real life situations.

Continuous Assessment

Appropriate assessment of each task is done to monitor a child skill of manipulation of words, materials, ideas, concepts. Such assessments help to notice whether the child has acquired language, mathematical and social skills or not. This is done on a day-to-day basis through the use of CAS book.

Active Observation and Recording

Through the intra and outside classroom activities, students' knowledge level, learning skills, extent of participation, research work, interest, psychomotor skills, etc are observed and recorded using specific criteria. Such observation helps to monitor the overall development of a child.


Age appropriate specific assignments are assigned in each chapter. Written assignments, Project works and Research work are used as records on the development of specific skills related to instructional objectives or the attitude expressed or demonstrated by a student towards learning.

Time Bound Written Assessment

At the end of each term, time bound written test is given in each subject. This will help the student to know their writing speed and be familiar with our traditional exam system.


ECA At Aksharaa

The School on its dynamic framework builds on and offers students a repertoire of ECAs made integral with the mainstream academic endeavors we engage students throughout. Some key ECAs that Aksharaa offers on school days....


Apart from daily lesson plans, Aksharaa School also provides many other additional programs that comply with the national curriculum. Programs like debate, quiz, essay writing, spelling bee, and public speaking are conducted at different times of the year for the holistic development of the students and compliment the curriculum designed by the government of Nepal. Aksharaa School highly emphasizes the significance of Co-Curricular Activities. These activities guide students to boost their leadership quality where they can learn a wide range of management skills from how to organize and present an activity, and how to develop skills, to how to cooperate and coordinate in different situations...

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